Concourse Mondial de Bruxelles Rosé Session 2024: A Celebration of Excellence in Rosé Wine

The Concourse Mondial de Bruxelles, a prestigious international wine competition that has been celebrating the world’s finest wines for over three decades, held its Rosé Session for the year 2024 in a stunning display of quality and diversity. This year’s event, were taking place in Split, Dalmatia.

The 2024 Rosé Session brought together an impressive array of rosé wines from various corners of the globe, underlining the competition’s reputation as a truly international event. Producers from traditional wine countries as well as emerging wine regions submitted their finest bottles, hoping to secure the coveted medals that signify excellence and craftsmanship. This year’s vintage features wines from 32 different countries inevitably spearheaded by the major producer nations that are France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. They alone account for 75% of wines entered in the competition. Romania ranks 5th with 46 entries, followed by Croatia in 6th place. As is customary, the rosé centric session of the CMB offers the promise of a broad range of tastings with a large international contingent.

The Concourse Mondial de Bruxelles is known for its rigorous judging process, and the Rosé Session was no exception. An international panel of 60 international wine experts, including oenologists, sommeliers, byers, winemakers, wine journalists and other wine professionals, from four continents representing 23 different nationalities, blind-tasted 1205 of rosé wines, evaluating them on aspects such as color, aroma, flavor profile and overall harmony. This method ensures an unbiased assessment and a fair chance for all entries, regardless of their origin or brand reputation.

As the few judges from this year CMB Rosé Session 2024 concluded, it was clear that the future of rosé wine is bright and full of potential. The event not only celebrated the excellence of this year’s entries but also set the stage for innovation and growth in the rosé sector. As consumer interest in rosé wines continues to expand, competitions like this play a crucial role in promoting quality and diversity, encouraging producers to strive for excellence and innovation in every bottle.

Croatia boasts approximately 20,000 hectares under vine, some of which have been hived off to produce rosé wines. The Dalmatia wine region is located in the southern part of the country. For over 2,500 years, wine has been produced on the island of Hvar and in the vineyards of Dalmatia. The area is home to the oldest continually farmed vineyards in the world, including those of Stari Grad Plain, which is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Other parts of the Dalmatia wine region, such as the island of Vis and Pelješac peninsula, have also been growing vines for centuries. The varietal range in these areas focuses almost entirely on native grapes which are used to produce unique wines. Several Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) in the Dalmatian wine region are recognized nationwide.

The success of the 2024 Rosé Session underscores the significance of rosé wine in the global market and its evolving role within the broader wine industry. As we look forward to future editions, the Concourse Mondial de Bruxelles will undoubtedly continue to be a key event for discovering and appreciating the world’s finest rosé wines.

The results will be published on CMB website on 28 March at 11 am CET

About the competition
The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is an international, touring competition divided into four sessions, one of them dedicated to rosé wines. Across the various sessions, over 10,000 wines are entered by producers to be tasted and assessed by a panel of experts. Our seasoned judges taste the competing wines with a single-minded focus and that is to single out wines of irreproachable quality with no bias stemming from the label or an appellation’s prestige. The Concours is one of the most important events of its kind..